This is a newly open cafe. A new place where you can spend your night at. Seldom there's a proper cafe that we can sit down relax and spend our night, not to mention some of the mamaks stall we have.

Their fried yin yong in hong kong style really attracts me when I first saw their menu. I had been hesitate before I make my ordered. I knew I can't stand with the seduction. At last, I still decide to order even I'm full. Real full.

Their specialty fried rice. This is not bad too. But nothing very special. What is good is their have a good cook. I personally thinks that how the cook controls the fire while he is cooking is very important, that is why this fried rice "wok hih" is enough. I don't know how do we mention that in proper english words.

Mushroom soup is a little toot thick. They had been very generous to give us such a thick one but its not that great for a normal serving. Instead of too watery they are giving us a very sticky ones. Hope they could improve in this and it will be better for us.

Seafood salad was one ordered which blew me off and out of expectation. We were imagining that it would be big prawns and who knows it was a miny tiny one when it was served to our table.

Mixed Grill. A famous pick where a cafe have it own their menu. Simply just because it is more worth it and more to consume. They had almost every type of meat in one plate. You owned it all in one. This is a little better than Cafe Miri if you still remember. Their sausage and fries taste good but gravy I still prefer Ah Tao's cafe mushroom gravy.


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