Kenting, Taiwan - 3Days 2Nights


Kenting, one of beach paradise. You can see the crowd on weekend and also summer. Ladies in bikinis are all around. The first thing that we see besides beaches and ladies in hot bikinis, night market is what we see upon arrival, and they open as early as 4p.m.

We get here using taxi from KaoHsiung. The journey takes around 2 1/2 hours.

Kenting definitely offer something much more than food. Swim wear, cloths, sandals and of course souvenir. However, their price range are much higher than some places as this is a tourist attractions. The rain does not reduce their intuition to eat and shop.

Lots lots of nice food to fill your hunger. This is one special fruit. Not normal cherry tomato. They add something in between. Great combination because that black thing in between taste sweet and sour. The whole fruit taste juicy and refreshing.

One famous stall at Kenting. Lots of reviews from the local artist in various TV shows. Decided to try how real their words are.

Crispy and tasty. Maybe we tried the original flavor, we did not taste any specialty out of it. But still it taste good but we had something better than this.

People here are just way out of their mind. They definitely knows how to attract people attractions. Undeniable they are truly friendly and easily approach.

Roast Pork and Sausage.
This is so so yummy and juicy. Some people might not like it because it is a little oily and fattening. HOWEVER, you can never resist how yummy they are. You will definitely get another pack after your first.

Pearl Milk Tea is the must drink when you're here at Taiwan. They are famous with Pearl Milk Tea. You can see almost every night market selling these.


A cool air breeze, such a refreshing morning. Blue sky and white clouds. Just what we wanted. However that weather does not last long.....

...because it started too rain when we stop down to rest and pick up some pictures of the beautiful sea.

The place you're looking at now is the mark that we had reach at the very South point of Taiwan. Surrounding was all blue with different tone make up of blue skies and blue sea.
This light house is one of the attractions. Don't ask me why. You'll see all the souvenir shops are selling similar item and lighthouse souvenir is definitely "will see" item.

Did I mentioned that we actually rented an electrical bicycle. That's the transport we used to travel around Kenting for 2 days. It is truly a nightmare to drive that bicycle.

We came across this small stalls when we stop by and wait for some men to change our bike battery because we still have way to far to go and our bike is starting to show weak sign. While waiting, since the friendly woman we are asking for directions were selling food, we just went into her shop and had our lunch.

This little creature just so cute and fluffy. The stalls that we went into was visited by famous artist, Ming Dao before. Hardly imagine isn't it? On the same day he is there too BUT he is next door where we supposedly go into but fullhouse when we reached.

Do not under estimate their food. Truly awesome and nice. I don't know whether because all of us were hungry or really it taste good. I am LIKING it, that's all I know.

After lunch, battery check, time to continue our long journey. Not far from where we stop just now, we saw this awesome place. The same place we bump into Ming Dao again. Too bad did not get a quick shot with him because he is running away as the rain started pouring down again.

Can you imagine how fast the wind blows? We can hardly stand still up there. Even hardly have our eyes open.

Finally, after several hours of driving finally we reach our next destination. Tiring and getting tanned. Can you see my eyes were fairer than my forehead and chin? I am wearing sunglasses the whole day and I am getting tanned. It looks like I still had it on my face even I had take of my shades.

Enough of leg exercise, we are going for some hand exercise to balance out our muscles. We went for kayaking. My very first time.

Not easy but enjoying. Need teamwork and cooperation in order for your kayak to move in the right position. You will be in the wrong path if both rowing different directions.

There's just so much amazing places. This is one of them and people are going illegal here.

We're not even allowed to cross that border, not to say barbeque-ing food. Illegal hawker are selling potato, marshmallows, eggs, pop corn ready pack for you to BBQ. However, we are having fun and the marshmallow were awesome. Just in time for our tea time snack.

The sky is getting dark. We are speeding back to town before the sun set. At Taiwan during fall, the sun set as early as 5.00 p.m. What we have for dinner? Another round of night market again.

Can you guess what's underneath?

Yellowish fried egg. Very yummy but I can't remember what is in the golden blanket. Hahahaha....There's no words that you could describe a plate of yummy food.

Can you guess where do we get these tarts? Similar to portugese tart but these are original egg tarts. These are from KFC outlet. Those tarts were really awesome. How come Miri franchise is not selling any of those? Sadness!


Here we come for the beach. The main point we choose kenting is all because of the sea sports activities. 4-in-1 package is only NTD550. You'll never get to have such offer back in Malaysia.

The best way to get close to the nature is feel the nature yourself. Get your foot bare and ready to get wet!!

Enough of fun and it's time to our next destination. Accident happen during our ride back to our hostel. Reckless driver I am. Feel so sorry to the passengers behind. Scars everywhere. Truly "memorable" souvenir we got from Taiwan.

This is the destination where all the happy, sad and hard times in all. But all of us are having great time even there's unpleasant moment.


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