TaiChung, Taiwan

Now we are moving from Kenting upwards to TaiChung. From Kenting, we get cab back to KaoHsiung. We are taking HSR from Zuoying station to TaiChung Station. It only takes about an hour to reach. Fast and safe us a lot of time. We reach Tai Chung at around 4.00 p.m. Did some laundry and started to explore.

Loving this homestay that we are staying in. Comfortable and relaxing. I love how they decorate the room even they have limited space. Still look spacious even they fit in every necessities furniture.

Exploring time. What is good about all the homestay we find is that, it is all within walking distance to the night markets and where all the shop open till late midnights and night is always young for everyone. The landlord were quite thoughtful to provide us map to explore around.

Sze is seriously looking for direction and wonder are we on the right track. No worries, cause we will be turning around and everywhere is connected.

Signboards everywhere and very colorful, great way to attract customer and recognizing especially those hang up high. Ladies you will love it here because this is shoes paradise. Cheap and nice shoes everywhere. Latest trend and stylish.

One follow by another. All of them are selling shoes. You can rarely see boutique there, a few of them but not as much as shoe shop.

Time for food after long walk. Hunger for papaya milk and we came across this shop where the queue were very long. And when it was finally my turn I found this chart of sugar level and ice level that you desire to blend in your drink. They will ask you when they serves you and have your drink made according to your preference. How nice ain't it?

As usual rows and rows of stalls queuing for us to choose. Too many of them that we had tried. I can't introduce all of it and I can't really remember all of them exceptional to some that's really nice.

Not really recommended. The crust layer is too thick and what I can taste is only flour instead of the squid. It does not impress me at all.

This is one of the exceptional I mention. "Golden Right Leg" or Gold Leg as written on their signboard, direct translation from chinese. This is awesome. The layer of cheese above the freshly roast then bake chicken is perfectly nice. The chicken meat texture is tenderly soft but crunchy outside. Eating it with cheese might just bring you up to heaven. hehehehe....I might over describing it, but personally love this very much.

It comes with some fresh cut cabbage for you to eat with.

People here really had creative mind. See how can a cake be so lively and interesting? They had bring these cartoon character to life. Would you even want to eat them into your mouth? They are so cute!!

Lastly, taufu fa for supper. We are super duper full. Taiwan were just great because they really knows how to enjoy life. Having good food everyday with different ingredients. One taufu fa can come with so many choices. Just damn good brain they have. Of course it should blend along with taufu fa and not just simply mix. Remember this is for Taiwan local taste not Malaysia.

Our night life doesn't stop here. We went for another round after shower and most of the stalls are still open. They open till 2.00a.m. This is truly insane. Not the hawkers I am taking about but teenagers there. They can eat non-stop and you still hardly see fatty there. Even most of the guys there were skinny than I am. How could this happen????????Nah don't wanna mention about it anymore. Remember one thing. Night is always young at Taiwan and 7-eleven is our every night hangouts!!~


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