Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Coming to Sun Moon Lake after hectic day at TaiChung. We get here by cab from TaiChung HSR station. Upon arrival, the surroundings really capture my attention. Lovely environment! See it to believe it!!

I believe a lot of effort had been put in. Japanese inspired interior design truly gave us a comfy and relaxing environment to stay in. In addition, wooden structure had emphasizes a step closer to the mother nature.

We even get to enjoy personal ride from them. Truly thoughtful of them. It is not easy to get transport around that area. They will ride us to down town and fetch us back when we are done.

Before we start our adventure, to fill up our empty stomach is the most important task to do.Been searching high and low for something nice, final decision we came into this one.

They had varieties of selection, Noodles and rice set lunch but I think they are more popular with their noodle.

"Lao Hu Mian" which is highly recommended by them and it is super spicy.

"Qing Tang Mian"
My pick of the day. I love it. Thick aroma from soup with just bean sprout and spring onion in it, just a great combination with noodles. You can taste thoroughly the true taste of the soup. Simply amazing. Don't judge this by the picture, this is one big portion!

Set lunch looks good too. Comes with additional side dishes and 1 main dish.

The harbor where we gona start our journey, that we are going to ride and tour us around the lake.

Sze feel dizzy while we were waiting in the boat, therefore I let her lean against my fatty leg.

She feels better once they started to drive the boat. Fantastic view ain't it? No rushing pace and no jamming city. You just feel calm and peace when you look at the mother nature portrait.

There's a few stops that the boat would make. You can either walk around or stay in the boat to the next destination. Boat will come back every 30 mins. Weather doesn't seems good and it started to rain again.

Did I mentioned that you must remember to get a herbal egg when the boat drop you at the second stop? You can smell the aroma from far and you will see lots of people queuing up for it. Taste great and feels good to eat on cool weather.

Sky turns dark really fast. We bought our dinner at nearest 7-eleven and took back home. (*we went to 7-eleven almost everyday. Reporting in at least once everyday.)This is the first time ever we went home so early and there's no supper. But we did bought some light snack for us to sit down and chit-chat at night.

Night scene looks great isn't it? However, there's mosquito that bite us and we can't stand sitting too long to serve them our fresh blood.

Get off to bed quite early that night since I don't really get to sleep enough the previous night. Besides, we will be heading to our next destination, Jiu Fen the next morning.

What a refreshing morning. Cool mist, green plant and blue sky. Makes me feel energetic and refreshing too. Such great scenery produce fantastic photo outcome.

The owner were very thoughtful to serve us local made breakfast. Love it max!!~ You won't be getting any of these at any stall. I love all the dishes.

While we were enjoying our breakfast, we look out from the dining hall, we saw some ladies plucking tea leaves. I bet that land belongs to the same owner of the home-stay we live in. With such great environment, the tea leaves should be high quality tea.

I bet we all do enjoy our time here. Relaxing mode whole day. Stress just gone when you stay close to the nature. Next stop, Jiu Fen.


老虎摄影师 said…
Pretty pretty bear gone Taiwan?

By the way, i wanna try the Tiger mee....
-pEi- said…
yeah...last month....
i did take a try but very spicy for me to handle

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