KaoHsiung, Taiwan

My very virgin trip to Taiwan. Been awaiting for it ever since the ticket was booked. Just too bad that some of the babes can't make it because of leave problem but still the trip must go on. A 3 hours flight from KK International Airport, finally we reach at TaoYuan International Airport, Terminal 2. There's a few things you can actually do before hand and prepared before getting to Taiwan which I will post it later on. I shall bring you to our first stop, Kao Hsiung at the South part of Taiwan.

We will be taking High Speed Rail Train from TaoYuan to ZuoYing Station (KaoHsiung). Take the Ubus 705 from the airport and they will take you to the HSR station. You can also purchase ticket in advance from their website here in case it is peak season.

This is the queue that we are in when we arrived at HSR station because we can't confirm the exact time to depart from TaoYuan station to Zuo Ying station. We have no choice but to purchase it on the spot.

It only took us 2 and 1/2 hours to reach. Zuo Ying is the last station so there is no way you could miss that station. The facilities in the train was good too. They announced every station when they are approaching and did show out through the LED monitor the previous, current and on going station to arrive.

That's not it. Still a long way to reach our homestay. We will be taking KMRT to our destination. One thing that is good about Taiwan is they have real convenient transportation for you to move around and travel the whole Taiwan. Besides, they are very detailed and particular in describing how could we reached their house or place.

A very comfortable place to sleep in. Just feel so relaxing BUT one thing that is bad, NO LIFT!!! You see let me make things clear to you. Taiwan house or homestay is usually owner own house and they make it into homestay. Houses inTaiwan are all small in width but it was build high several storeys. Carrying luggage is one suffering moment during the trip so get a handy luggage or better way, bring less and buy there.

Tidy and clean environment. Did I mentioned that you should bring over universal adapter with you because they are using different plug than what we were using.

Every place is connected and you could see every attractions when you reach each station. Clearly stated which exit (many exits, so beware) have what attractions or main place people mostly visited. And one thing good about this underground train station is their fully utilise it by having small stalls and booths selling local delicacies or handicraft. Just a great thought to push up their economy.

Our first stop, Dream Mall. One of the attractions in our list. Not sure what is the main attractions but since we will reach destination with their free shuttle bus provided, there we will be.

Be alert with the motorist there. They were like ants queueing to bring back food into their nest. One thing which I truly dislike. Besides, the way they drive were dangerous too. Misleading traffic lights and before I forget, they were left-handed drivers.

Formosa Boulevard Station. This station was famous for it's artistic design. Youngsters like to hang around with street dance, yoyo or just sit down chit chatting. Truly artistic and one of the tourist attractions.

Where am I heading next? NIGHT MARKETS!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a must go when you visit Taiwan. Night markets was like a culture for them. Time to seek for food!~

Voted number 1 night market by foreign tourist, LiouHe Night Market. You can take the KMRT and stop at Formosa Boulevard Station. Follow their sign and you'll get here.

Varieties of local snack and food that you can find. From something you love to some unknown awkward food. Night markets were crowded but enjoy the fantastic atmosphere.

I'm drinking one of the popular drinks at Liou He Night Market, Papaya Milk. The queue was long but it was worth it when you drink in a sip. Especially after having all those heat street food.

One of the restaurant that sell snake meat. The elderly said snake meat were good for health but I have no courage to try.

My buddy desperately wanted to have a bowl and I bravely tried a piece. It tasted like chicken meat.

Just too many choices and you don't know where to begin with. Taiwanese sure love animal intestines because not only pig but also duck or goose intestines too. Truly disgusting but smells really good.

After an hour, we are heading to our second stop, Ruei Feng Night market. Largest and most popular among local people. To be true, Ruei Feng have much more varieties and choices. Besides food, you could see hawker selling cloths, shoes and accesories. All youngsters who were truly business minded.

Just get there by KMRT train and stop at Kao Hsiung Arena station. Walk for a distance and you will see the sign board as below. You will see the crowd before you see that sign, so no worries of getting lost.

Truly exhausted as you can see. We decided to call it a day and head home. We will need to head down to Kenting the next day for more fantastic trip.

Our first breakfast at Taiwan. Trying to adapt with their culture and they normally have toast, burger, sandwich and some local snacks for breakfast. They seldom have noodles in their menu.

I am loving this, "jian jiao". Normal filling but just fantastic taste. A little similar to "xiao long bao" because the gravy spit out when I took the first bite on it. Just nice and yummy.

This is “dan bing". It taste so special and even better than omelette. The juicy egg layering with bacon makes them a great match. I start missing all the food, *saliva dripping*. Do I make you feel the same? Hungry???? *drool*

Seafood noodle. The only noodle in the menu. The sour and little spicy taste is just great for a cool morning. Every portion was quite big for a normal appetite person. Be ready to gain weight.

The owner of the homestay and his family were really friendly. Provide help, guidance and information for our convenience. Nevertheless gave us a very warmth welcome for our first visit at Taiwan and he definitely makes me wanna come back to Taiwan, to KaoHsiung again.


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