Kenny Rogers Roasters

Another franchise outlet officially open at Bintang Megamall, Miri. We can see how fast is Miri expanding. Secret Recipe, OldTown, Station 1, Starbucks, Coffeebean and I believe there's more to come. For now, let me introduce you Kenny Rogers. Let us see how well they do it here at Miri.

It all depends on your own preferences. Their chicken is a must pick because that's their speciality. Original, BBQ or black pepper,3 flavour for you to choose. It comes with side dishes if you are taking their sets. Any 3 side dishes from the menu. My favourite is their salad, rice and fruit platter of course. Below is family meal for 4.

You can have quarter meal too if you think family meal is too big. To be frank family meal is actually better for 3 because portion is actually quite small. Same choices for chicken flavour and side dishes. Up to you to decide what's your best flavour that suits your taste bud.

Besides chicken , they have much more to pick from. Ala-carte like "egg"cellent, pasta, cheesy potato and many more. Drop by to try and had your best pick that suits you. Personally, I love the pasta and also "egg"cellent sandwich. Rich with ingredient which is price wise enough for a retail outlet.

Still hot for Mirians. Beware with some double charges on your receipts. Check before you pay. I wouldn't say poor services but they are still new and too busy with overloaded customers. You can still see long queue everyday during lunch or dinner even it had open for about 2 weeks now.


lasapka said…
no good. no carlsberg.
-pEi- said…
aiyo....halal place ba where can have calsberg leh

go beach republic a for tower

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