Bukit Mata Seafood

I had once again forget that I had so many yet to be posted up vacation here in my blog. Even last two months Kuching trip I had not finish yet. Shamed on me. I am here to complete the final post for my Kuching trip.

We went to this Bukit Mata Seafood which they proclaim the best in Kuching, however I still think Welcome Seafood at KK, Sabah still the thumbs up place for seafood for my own preferences. Undeniable some of their food is good too, you can see from the crowd. Everywhere is packed and you can hardly find an empty seats.

First thing that came onto our table is butter prawn. I do not really fancy prawn therefore I can't really judge it in depth.

Deer meat is always my all time favorite and this is well-cooked with black pepper sauce, Super loving it and  I am eating it after one another scoop. 

Crab is something we will never miss out when we had seafood. We ordered "kam hiong" and salted egg is I am not mistaken. That's the bad thing for keeping some pictures too long and did not post it out =.='''. It wasn't really my taste because I still prefer what we had back in Miri or even KK.

This is a special version of oyster pizza or they also known as "oh ah jian" which is similar to Taiwan dishes but somehow the one selling here in Kuching is thin, crispy layer. Not really liking it because it is too salty and you should have eat it with the soy sauce which makes it more saltier. Oh....too much of salt. I still think Taiwan very are the best.

Overall, Kuching trip was full of FOOD! What we do everyday is to feed in with food, food and more food. Most of all, we did enjoy the time we hang around together. We shall always work hard and play harder!


Anonymous said…
omg...hungry liaw lo when see this..hehe...

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