Carpenter Street

Lazy bugs strike me recently and I had no intention to blog at all. When I browse through my blog only I realized it is another month gone and I had only a few post for my readers. Shame on me. Imma gona continue with Kuching Food Trip post. There's too much of good food to share it all in one post. Here's more of it and get a cup to store your dripping saliva.....

This is all about food that we tried along Carpenter Street. Would describe this place as food heaven because you get to have varieties of selection all along this jalan.


At first when we sit down and intended to have lunch. We ordered soup vermicelli  for each and 25 stick satay. End up before we left, we ordered 80 stick of satay, 15 stick for each of us. We could not resist because it is super duper yummy.

Love the fish ball and yong tauhu. Super chewwy however, porky satay still the best. Thumbs up for it.

They are all lady workers here. I wonder they are family or just purposely employed lady worker to help.

One part of the street which I think is super nice and giving me this 80's feel. The lantern did light up the street with it's bright red color.

One more place that you shall not miss out is this chicken rice. Some say it is the best chicken rice in town. The name of the cafe is Aladdin Cafe. Not easily spot so shall concentrate while you were searching for it.

Chicken is smooth and tender but I think the rice is my favorite after all. I am "fan tong" meaning a rice lover.

I can even have plain rice with soy sauce even there's no other dishes to eat with because rice is the main energy supplier for me. I feel weak if I did not consume a bowl of rice a day.

It is really indeed a satisfied trip because good food is meant to be hunt. Of course not to mention I what I gained during this trip, hiking up of numbers for my weight.......arrrrrrghghhghghhgh...NVM It is just a number.


lasapka said…
YO... apa macam
-pEi- said…
yo macam biasa la....

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