Month with Love!!~

Everyone know February as a month of love but that's not all because it is all the best festive of the year, Chinese New Year which falls on this year February. It was the favorite seasons of mine which we get to eat & drink without any concern, get to gather with relatives and friends which we will only get to meet once a year.

Decoration and preparation for Chinese New Year started 2 weeks before hand. Everyone was busy having spring cleaning, buying necessary things and most of all, New Year stall along China Street were setting up and ready to be open a week before Chinese New Year.

Reunion dinner on Chinese New Year eve was the most excited moment every waits for. It is when we start countdown time to welcome the brand new year of Lunar Calendar. There's so much of different dishes that represents different meaning for different dialect of people. Hakka, Cantonese, Hokkien and FooChow have their own dishes for reunion dinner that represents luck and prosperous. My family, having the same dishes every year but there's something additional that my mum tried out this year.

There's taboos that we used to follow for CNY which my family still practice until today. As a child, we were just following what our parents said. However, there's something that change over time. Red is no longer the only colour we can have for the first day of CNY.

My look on first day of CNY - 10.02.2013
Lovin' the Blue Lace Dress I got from DoubleWoot. 

OOTD for second day - 11.02.2013
Rainbow Cutout Shift Dress from

Best Buddy. More than 10years of friendship is rather precious.

OOTD for third day - 12.02.2013
Mackayla Paint Printed Dress from BlueyJoyce.

Schoolmate just makes you recall back how great a teenager could be and how freedom and stress free it is we are compare to what position we are right now.

The night is always young for happy moment. Ladies in blue head down to the club and hit the floor. Awesome night we had.

OOTD for forth day of CNY - 13.02.2013
Lace Cut Out Dress from
Group visiting which we were eagerly waiting for. Too bad not much picture had captured.

Valentine's Day - 14.02.2013
Spending time with BFF. Heading to newly open dessert, ZenQ for hang out.

Final gathering before everyone back to work position which is quite an emotional day.
Of course, a group photo which is thing that we shouldn't have miss out.

When number of your age is increasing somehow festive seasons was time for you to actually gathered and catch up. We never really realized it when we were kids because we used to think the happiest thing to do while we were young was more of junk food, carbonated drinks and also "ang pow" a.k.a red packet.

When you are getting old, friendship, family and spending precious time for yourself  seems to be the most important thing to do rather just spending time in front of PC or at work because there's so many things in life  that gona makes life better. Undeniable that money is important, however without friendship and family, money is just nothing but paper.


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