ZenQ Desserts

Desserts store is getting more and more popular recently at Miri. After Dessert Master which is locally mastered by Mirian now we had ZenQ a franchise desserts all the way from Taiwan I heard? Interior design is all green and sofa seated back without back seat. If you preferred something more comfortable, you can seat outside with plastic back seated chair. 


Varieties of choice to pick from. Cold or hot, to add on or not its up to your choice. Additional charges incurred of course depending on what you add.

Nothing much difference compare to normal ice kacang and dessert soup, just that it mention it is healthier. 
Of course price wise was much expensive than normal hawker stalls.

See how happy my mates were. Nice place to hang out and gathering. However, I think space wise is a little too small for a big gathering.

If you have not visit ZenQ yet, this place is located at Boulevard Commercial Centre. Location is right opposite Opi de Beaute or right beside Zaika. You can visit their facebook page too.


lasapka said…
tam jiak kui...lol
-pEi- said…
aiyo...mana boleh live without food leh
RwPhotography said…
hey peipei. you still blog huh. cool.
-pEi- said…
ya keep the passion alives...but not as frequent already...you gona be back in miri?

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