Donya Japanese & Western Restaurant

There's this saying that when people talk about Miri, they will be reminded about food. Don't you agree with that statement? It is up to you to decide but today this post is yet again another blog about food. It was a newly opened restaurant about a month ago which consists of Japanese & Western Cuisine . It is located right opposite Mitsubishi showroom.

The restaurant are nicely decorated with hand picked item from the owner and make one feel like home when you step in. However, it is still too empty that causes sound pollution. When the place were fully packed with customers, the place goes really noisy especially when there's baby crying that makes one feeling uncomforted eating. 

Sushi were good but I think they can do better than this. Personally, I love their ramen (japanese noodle). I do not know whether there's a different name calling it in Japan or there's an error, they named it Kimuchi Ramen. Love the combination of korean kimchi with japanese ramen. They definitely make a perfect match.

Unagi Maki - RM26.90

Ebiko Gunkan - RM5.90

Salmon Sashimi - RM12.90

            Katsu Curry Set / Chicken Teriyaki Set - RM15.90       

Teriyaki Chicken & Kimuchi Ramen - RM13.90


Except for breakfast it is rare to see western cuisine to be serve with baked beans. What we normally see will be green salad or fresh vegetables. The portion is big and definitely worth every single penny you are paying.

                                Chicken Chop - RM14.90         /         Mix Grill - RM29.90

Charcoal Burger - Grill Chicken - RM7.90

The food served, to my surprise was good. However, there's still so much room for improvement for servicing. Our table had been making our ordered for 3 times and still miss out the ordering. I am hoping they can have better arrangement in manpower adjustment.


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