Siem Reap,Cambodia 5D4N with ONLY USD 300

Siem Reap, Cambodia had been voted as one of the Best Destinations in the World - Travelers' Choice Award from Tripadvisor. Not only from Tripadvisor but a few others channel such as CNN Travelers' and National Geographic too. Looking at the statistic, pictures and travelers' sharing, I came to understand why. I couldn't agreed more after the short trip which was eventually a short escape and now I am definitely in the same shoes. You will come to realise why when you scroll and read and I'm certainly SURE you'll be amaze!
Well, let's come back to the real business here. As we are all now aware that due to economy downturn and drastic drop of Ringgit, every single penny doesn't seems to be valuable these days. However, I will be guiding you through my travelogue and sharing my budget travelling across Siem Reap for 5 days 4 nights spending only USD 300! 

Chupppp...that's not it. Yet you will still be able to enjoy a comfy bed and large room space. Enjoy local food and also chill at the end of the day with their most popular beer without much hesitation. Being able to dine and drink moderately without much concern and restriction is such a bliss. However, it MAY only works for people who travel in groups. Definitely not for solo traveler (perhaps slightly over budget). Let's step into my time machine and I shall bring you back in time.
Yaiks....I tend to forget an important subject. *unbuckle* Please be reminded that, first thing first, air flight and accommodation is not inclusive. You will have to pre-book both before you fly. I am not willing to take risk and have to stroll along unknown street wondering and looking for budget hotel in order to get the tired soul to bed. Flying ain't a dream with all the budget airlines these days and not to mention all the available hotel sites which makes the hotel booking easy peasy just at your fingertips.

Citizens of this holy province were mostly Buddhist. In order to respect their culture and religion, please have at least a few proper covered cloths when you enter into certain temple. Shorts have to be least at knee length. Top have to be covering arm. 

*buckle up* Let the journey begins.......

1. Angkor National Museum -  USD 12
Website :
  • Teleport you back to centuries where and how Cambodia started
  • a place full of historical input which you will never get enough if you love to know every bits of a country background

2. Siem Reap War Museum - USD 5
  • bring you back to Cambodia toughest time where every inch of land you step may be possibilities of stepping to landmine

3. Killing Field - FOC
  • Place where millions were killed and buried from 1975-1979
  • Today, site of a Buddhist memorial to the victim

4. 3 days Angkor Pass - USD 40
  • Main attractions
  • All the Angkor and Temple are worth visiting and falls within this small piece of paper with your face on it.
  • It only took couples of minutes to get it done
  • DO NOT lost this pass! You won't be able to enter any temples without this.


                                                                                                                                Angkor Thom



Elephant Terrace

Angkor Wat

Crawling out then bidding goodbye to the bed on an early morning was the hardest thing to do. Get up and ready by 4.30am in the morning just to capture this moment. Yet, I am sorry that I can't get a clear good shot of this. However, watching it with my own naked eyes were mesmerizing and phenomenal!

Pre Rup

Ta Som

Ta Prohm

Bantey Srei

5. Phnom Kulen Mountain - USD 20
  • phenomenal waterfalls that gave you zen calm moment
  • Temple that located at the peak, living in there, the Sleeping Buddha

6. Floating Village, Tonle Sap Lake - USD15 per boat or USD10 per pax
  • largest man made lake in South East Asia
  • central importance for food provision
  • cater sufficient fish meat to whole Cambodia Khmer citizens

If you are just exploring, probably it wouldn't be a big deal to get a local tour or even a tour guide. However, if you are a history geek, interested to know who? how? when? and why? perhaps you would love to get one because they are not only there to bring you around BUT also story telling you every bits and background of every rock, artifacts and monument which may get you real excited!

Us, we choose to get a local tour for their transportation services. We need them to transport us around the city which we were unfamiliar with. Definitely a big time saver because we do not need to find a tuk tuk (local taxi) and start bargaining till the skies drop. Hassle free too in finding a proper place for meal as they would recommend us where to dine most authentic local food.

We've got Mr Raksa Tour Guide to be our guidance. He appointed his brother to bring us around as he was already booked in advance. I shall say they are the most passionate people in Cambodia. Proper saying would be the Khmer citizen are all passionate with life. Thou they live hard, having tough time BUT still they find every single opportunity to stay alive and survive. That's how strong they are.

Whoops...sorry for diverting a little, you can always contacting them through their facebook page (link provided below) if you're interested. I did not recommend my itinerary because it all depends where would you love to visit. They know better where and how does the itinerary plan according to your preference. You can also ask for recommendations if you don't have anything in mind. Fret not at all when you appointed them. They will get you covered. They will get you entertained and they are the nicest person you can ever ask for. 

Raksa Asean FB Page
TripAdvisor Page

Hereby, I am trying to summarize our Siem Reap expenses and this is all for reference purposes and all prices is as at October 2015. This is for group of 7 and we chipped in USD 200 per person that covers all the fixed cost and also Food & Beverage (F&B). Just take note on the transport too, it was fixed because we hired a tour which was mentioned above to bring us around. If you have other thoughts, price may vary from above.

Breakfast is not inclusive in the F&B expenses as it was provided by our hotel. By rough estimation of cost, we budget to USD 10 per meal inclusive beverage and still have additional for beers which you can easily get at USD 0.50!! Believe your eyes, you read it right!! USD 0.50!!!!!!!

Souvenir is definitely something from your own pocket. You don't expect that to be sharing ain't you? If you ain't a big spender and basically souvenir are all sell at a bargain price, USD 30 definitely sufficient to fulfill your spending desire.

On next coming post, I'll recommend restaurant that you may drop by during your visit which is worthwhile dining in. Not forgetting our stay at Siem Reap which makes the entire trip complete. They say, "You ain't complete without a roof that covers your head." To me the same phrases applies while flying off for a vacation. No matter how budget constraint you are, a place to lay your physical flesh is rather a necessities. 

Better watch out for this space! Till then, Qiao~


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