2 Day 1 Night trip - Golden Triangle

It's been long time I did not meet Michelle since the last time on Chinese New Year. She came to KL on last friday night and I planned to meet her up even I had a tight schedule but somehow I need some rest and time to relax too besides rushing assignments due date and also more presentation. I meet her on Saturday morning after finish my Pidato competition and I will be staying with her one night at Royale Bintang Hotel. Let me stay far far away from all those stressful stuff just for a little moment.

What else can we do when we are at the Golden Triangle area?? Shopping of course! Been accompany her shopping for whole day and she did bought lots of stuff. Me and her is same species because we love CAMERA!!!!

-pEi- & Michelle

This tiny little GaL here is little bit upset because she lost her phone when we had lunch together. So sorry for her too...='(

It's me camwhoring again.
Leng Eng, one of my primary till secondary schoolmates.Michelle & Hui Fen
Color of their cloths make them great couple of the day.
MicheLLe & -pEi-
Hui Fen & -pEi-
Did you see how small her face and how big her eye is??
MicHelLe & -pEi-
Can't stop when there's camera around even it is at Sushi King!!! Hahaha
Lastly, its me again before I end. I just love to camwhore. But this time is a little cutie me even I am big in size and doesn't suit something so cute....hahahaha
Want some OreO??
This is the only thing I bought for this 2 day trip but I am hoping for something special because I didn't bought this for nothing.......



i blog / u read said…
u join PIDATO competition? u r great! so did u win?
-pEi- said…
yeaps i did
herm..no news yet but i dun think i enter into it because the final will be next week
garrylin said…
wow... i met Michell at Taiping at the Konsortium bus station... hahaha.... wat a coincidence...

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