GOOD or BAD?? no idea >.
I receive a call during my class and it is indeed a little suprise.
I did not expect but not having high expectation too.
BUT this news seems to come not really right on time.
I had been qualify to semi final of Pidato. It will be held on 15 November 2008.
I am indeed happy and upset at the same time.
Happy because I know I am actually able to make it, upset is actually because I am way too busy to prepare something extra.
I had too many assignments to handle and many meetings to attend and I was wondering do I have time to practice since it is just around the corner and it is only about 10 more days to go.
I was thinking to call a STOP for it but my friends encourage me to go ahead because at least I tried and it is TRYING with FAILURE and not NOTHING and FAILURE!!!
So, wait for my good news!!! Wish me lucks if I am going on and wish me MORE lucks if I can compete in FINAL!!!


lasapka said…
ok. i wish pei pei good luck, pei pei wish me tiok toto luck.
-pEi- said…
tank kiu tank kiu lasapka....
i everyday also hope people tiok toto..especially ppl i know so tat u can chia me at least cup daisy...can can?
cky said…
chia ????

haha !!!!

want do then do loh !!!!
dont want do then dont want do loh !!!!!

-pEi- said…
yeaps..chia....not u la......
aiyo...u r encouragement doesnt really encouraging wo..
haha..but anyway thanks to u too
garrylin said…
Wah liu! Good Job Pei Pei! Though i didn't hear you do the 'pidato' but i guess you must have done a good job! Keep it up! Since you're in Semi finals, you've nothing to lose! This is a chance! Grab it! Fight till the end! Go! Go! Go!
-pEi- said…
thanks garry...
yeah i am once again taking the challenge and hoping to go a step further than where i am now
pink.eclipse said…
good luck ya!^^

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