Ica Kacang Puppy Love

A movie that everyone had been waiting for. At least for me, I am! So desperate to watch it. This is the first time I am impress with local movie. It was great and fascinating. Woohoo is also not bad but somehow this would be top rate if I get to vote.

A very localise movie. Not much over done scene and very great take in every angle. I love the story. Well written I would say. Even it is about a young teenage love story but in detail you would see Malaysia people culture in the 70's or 80's and what we used to do on our free time.

Recall back a lot of memories I had when I was a kid. And so true about people and life. People are just not enough with spreading rumours. People, afraid of being out from where they used to be. Just too many to say. Watch it and you will be amaze!


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