A newly open restaurant at Times Square. Food lovers never get to miss a chance of trying any good food. So, me and bunch of food lovers head over to see what they've got that will satisfied our taste bud.

We arrived kinda late so we did not have much choice except their ala carte. Before having the main course, of course we gona ordered some drinks to cure our thirst. Their drinks were not bad, normal as usual.
Wantan Noodle
I guess this is the right name for right food. ahahahahhah..Looks good and taste good too. Wantan or some called it dumpling are great as I heard from the taster itself. But somehow the portion is too small for a normal guy. So, better still they should consider to have bigger portion?
Belly Pork Rice
Frankly speaking there is nothing special about the belly pork. Normal I would say. We can find better belly pork in Miri thou....
Shir was too desperate to have her dinner. We all does but she was the one who we get to capture. ^_^

Roasted Duck Rice
What a wonderful job. I simply love this. The duck was nicely roasted. Great out layer and soft meat texture. I never have such nice roasted duck before so far. It is worth a try if you are a duck hunter. Thumb up for this!!
Crystal Jade Skin Egg Tart
I think this is the name of it as I remembered. Doesn't matter what name it is I must truly recommend this to all of you because this was totally AWESOME and I really mean AWESOME!! As you can see from the picture below, the egg tart skin was not thick like what we used to have but it is layering. You will feel it when you put it into your mouth. The egg itself is smooth and silky. No words to described how great it is. Try it and you will know how I feel when I put this into my mouth.

Fried Rice
Not as good as it looks. Lots of ingredients but somehow the taste does not really stand out. A good food does not really matter much on the outlook but somehow the taste must capture the taster taste bud.
Last but not least, a picture of me again. Nerd noob look!!!


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