As per my previous post, I promise to post up the seafood restaurant that we had been to and talk about the food that we had ordered that night. We went to this Seremban seafood village which is quite famous and even Ho Chiak crew were there before.

The chili sauce that you shall eat with crab.

Vege to eat with rice. Just crab wouldn't fill in our empty stomach.

Mix chicken, lemon & salad chicken. Taste nice. I love the crispy and soft meat.

Claypot Taufu

A pot that have it all. Salted fish and minced meat cooked together with taufu and also beans. Nice combination of all.

Crab cook with salted egg

Not bad but I taste something better than this before.

Barbecue Crab - Seremban style

A nice one! The crab meat is still soft but there's little burning smell of it which is quite tasty and nice.

Fried pork rib
Everything that fry with lots of oil taste great just like fried chicken.

Fried Maggi Noodles
Not bad frying skill. If there's little gravy on it I would love it more because I don't like food to be too dry.


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