This is such a long time ago. I had totally forget about it but luckily I go through my photos and still remember that I had something that I had not done review yet. This is a taiwanese cafe which is quite nice and recommended to dine in. They have heavy taste of food. So, if you don't really like something too salty or sweet maybe this is not something for you.

Tea Rose Bud
Nowadays people are going healthy lifestyle. A jar of rose bud tea is the best to go with your meal. Nice rose aroma and great combination with tea.

Mixed Fruit Tea
I simply goes with this but some people just can't accept the mixture taste of the fruit all together in one jar. A little awkward but still taste good for my tongue.

I really can't remember what am I ordering but their set really come in a large portion. Worth the price you are paying. I would say this is nice. Everything taste just right except the main course. A little too salty.
The rice top was decorate with pickled cucumber. Eat it and you will gained more appetite to enjoy your meal.

Soup was great. Taste of home. You will get this kinda taste and aroma from home.

My bff pick. A fish with tomato i guess. Something like that. Her pick was nice too. Love the sweet and sour taste. Have a try of this if you wana go for something safe rather than awkward.
Overall, it was a great restaurant to dine in. DO try their snackz because I think it was great. I did not get a chance to try because I am really full with what I had that meal.


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