Everyone was asking me why am I not blogging anymore. Nothing really happened, so I did not get to post anything to share. Then I just realised that I had some overdue pictures that I wanted to share.

I went to this steamboat restaurant a month ago went I came over to KL. I personally think they had nice environment and what a coincidence it was raining that night when we head over to their restaurant. Steamboat is a perfect choice for that night.

Their homemade chili sauce. Personally, I prefer the first one than the second one. I am not chili lover so I am not good in chili taste at all. This one that I am trying is not that spicy and hot. Additionally it taste a little sour which makes you have more appetite.

Our choice of food to be eat with our soup base. For the very first time I have porridge base for my steamboat. What a try but it was not bad.
On the other hand is tom yam base. It is just like ying and yang combination. When you feel like trying something that spice you up you can have tom yam soup.When you feel that you're heating up, porridge definitely will cool you down. Not bad, huh??

I like this shop. You can always try before you judge , although most people usually judge every steamboat restaurant taste the same. Remember, never judge a book by its cover, so never judge a restaurant before you eat!


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