Shopping Indulge

Just reach few days ago makes me really need to do some shopping on my groceries. There is so much things to buy but yet budget to follow. You will really indulge in shopping if u did not try to convert the price because every thing like just a few pounds or just few pence. How could you resist such temptation?

Bought some food for myself. Really makes me feel hungry most of the time when weather gets cold. So DO NOT shocked when you see me gained weight when I am back.

Done with the groceries of course real shopping starts. There is this PRIMARK brand I heard of from a friend. The mall was damn tempting. I do not believe girls don't even buy anything when they get in there.
In total I bought 2 shirts, a pair of sandals and a dress. One tights and 5 pairs of socks which is quite cheap. BUT who knows the total amount after convert to ringgit really makes me shock. I bought all of this at 28 pounds and this equals to RM 140!! I never ever buy such amount at one go. But I get great satisfaction and its totally worth it.

This sandals is the worthy one. I only pay for 4 pounds for this. Nice and looks great. This is the first time I look for shoes and with no worries at all. Almost every shoes I tried on was too big to fit in. Makes me feel so happy.

A long sleeve shirt. This is always my style so nothing to be surprise of.
A long sleeve knitted shirt. This will definitely keeps me warm enough.

People might be surprise of this dress. This is the expensive of all. 13 pound but I really like it. The point is, there is pocket on both side. Life is much easier with pocket. Don't you think so??
One black tights and a packet of 5 pairs socks. Did you actually realise everything I get is in black? Black just out stand other color.


Anonymous said…
OMG....that is the thing that make me crazy when i'm in UK my dear!! I wish to go bck there...see u post all those pic there, feel like going to mad la!!! I wan go bck LIVERPOOL.... T.T missss it sooo lovely Liverpool!
-pEi- said…
I bet you must be Donna my darl.
Come over then. We will rock the mall and get to hang out like mad!!

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