We had all agreed that we shall have at least once a week to pamper ourself and went out for a meal. This morning our target was English Breakfast. We want something that is really what english breakfast used to have. We went to the cafe that we saw when we were own our way home but somehow it's closed on weekends. All along our way we saw no shop that was opened.
Finally we came to one that was opened at Liverpool One. Or else we gona die of hunger (even it was not that serious). They provide great varieties of choice and I am stunned looking at their menu. Not because of their food but their price.
My choice of the day, Cappuccino. Not really that good as I expected but not bad at all.
The only tea choice that they offered. Not much choice on which type of tea you preferred.
Hot chocolate. Yummy yummy with the cream on it.
Mocha which I think is the best among coffee.
Finally our breakfast. This is a big portion. I shared it with a friend and both of us were real full.
Baked beans are great but the bread and butter is simply superb! Hash brown is not as good as McD and the sausage is little too salty. Hope they can reduce less salt and also a little bit of pork smell.
The bacon was nice, not much of pork smell. The mushroom, thumbs up for it. I simply love the simple taste and not much of seasoning.
See how much I enjoyed my breakfast.


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