Day Trip to Manchester

Went to Manchester yesterday and have a visit at OLD TRAFFORD. Their city centre and some local place. I am feeling so excited when I the bus ready to depart. I don't wana write too much as they are lots lots of pictures that I had taken.

A very thoughtful thing. Eating chewing gum no longer a problem with this. Just stick it after u eat. No nasty problem or people might step on it especially the football players.

This is where the players gather around before the game start. This is also where Victoria meets Beckham.
Jersey of the player but this is a fake one. NO touching only snapping.
The grass was so precious and we r not allow to step and even touch it, so......
I pretended to touch it. hahahahahah
The entrance and exit of the players. We have the background music of people yelling and shout just like we were one of them.
After the visit, we head down to the city center and have a slight look and visit of Manchester town.


Some souvenirs that I bought at MUFC store. Quite cheap and keep as a souvenier for myself.
Besides that, I bought a boot. It was damn comfortable and quite reasonable for what I have bought previously. It cost only 25 pound. If you don't convert everything is so damn cheap. But this is still fine for a pair of boot.


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