The Chocolate Cellar

Walk around Liverpool yesterday and ha d a different view of what Liverpool is. Came across this chocolate bar or to said cafe? but a luxury one. Europeans are very detail in every single decoration of their shops if they plan to have one. Just like the one I went into. Simple, beautiful but you still feel comfortable.

One of the decoration you get to see in the cafe/bar. The monkey with different kind of pose. cute and nice.

They make lovely nice cake which you don't even wana make it your dessert.
Cute cake but did you see the price of the cake. It cost a thousand ringgit for that particular one cake.
From the decoration and design you will know this gona cost more than the above one. But this is one I really like among all the cakes in the shop.
This is how their hot chocolate made. You have to stir your own chocolate on a stick and not like what we have back in Malaysia it is all ready.

Marshmallows and chocolate is a great couple.
Caramel Cake
This is not that sweet and good in taste. Have the texture.
Oreo Muffin
Too sweet for me but I sort of like the way the make it. The upper base is hardening sweet and below is cake. Nice and great.


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