Crosby Beach

Went to Crosby with a bunch of friends yesterday to enjoy Friday night instead of going to clubs. It was much more entertain to go beach because that's the place where I love the most and not peaking with packs of people that wanted to watch match between ENGLAND and ALGERIA. Who knows people end up with disappointment.

We took train there and this was my first time taking train here. It was gorgeous and took only about 30 minutes to reach our destination.

I just love the sun. The sun was still great when we reach at about 7 pass 10 if I did not remember it wrongly.

There are lots lots of dead jellyfish around the beach. This is one of the biggest one we saw. Nothing special thou.

A shadow of mine. Maybe the sun was right behind me, so the portion of my shadow between body and leg was so abnormal.
The "iron" man on the beach. They are hundreds of them and they are naked. I don't know why they are there for. DO you know?
This is one of the shot I love the most but somehow the color is not what I want. I edited the version I got with a new software my friend told me. See the difference and I think I make it a little too fake.

Last but not least, some shot of me taken by my friends.
Me and sexy "iron" man!!
Acting cute in the train while on our way back to Liverpool.
Group photo
We are having great fun and get to release stress because exam is just around the corner. Time to start revise again after a day of relaxation.


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