Escapade Sushi - 24 May 2010

I totally forget to post this in my blog and this is something I should remember. We, the girls had hang out together before all of us fly off to our own destination. We went over to brunei escapade to have sushi. We had planned this for quite some time and finally we get to achieve it.


This is yummy and superb awesome! See how thick the salmon was? This will definitely fulfill your desire of raw salmon.

Set Unagi Meal
The egg and rice taste awesome. You will never get such tasty unagi at anywhere around KL and Miri. Not to compare with sushi king.

Cold Hand Made noodle
To be frank, I really don't know how to eat this. We try to figure out how to eat it but somehow we mess up everything. But I still enjoy the food. Feels happy when there's lots of food on the table.

Sze with the great salmon.
Me and my favorite salmon. Did you see it? The thickness?
Song can't stop smiling with the salmon.
Shir with her fave.
The unagi is nothing compare to any restaurant I had tried before so far. You will never get to taste the fish smell but just the freshness of it.
The prawn was bigger than the normal size. Crispy and fresh. I bet they had all the materials stock in everyday.

The girls had a great and awesome outing. We have lots of fun together and I bet we gona come back again one day.


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