Chester is actually a town and their statue is represented by rhino. You will see rhino everywhere with different colours and designs. They looks great and beautiful. Snap some picture of them but not all because there are hundreds of them if I'm not mistaken.

Chester is a place rich of heritage. You will be grateful to see such beautiful ancient building still standing there and still maintain by their government. It is indeed an honour to visit them.

This is of the bakery shop among list of them and this is the one that received award. Be prepared for their beautiful handmade cookies and cakes. You can't help to get one of these and taste it right away.

The heritage building that you will love it when you see it.

Deadly Rituals of the Roman. I don't really know their history bet I guess it is something like 300?

Church of St John the Baptist

Queens Park Bridge
One of the attraction in Chester

A picture of me enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. It really warms my heart when the cold wind blows over my face.


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