Finally I get to update my blog. I did not get to update it because I was so so busy with my exams and assignment. I wanted to update my trip to Edinburgh, Scotland for 3 days 2 nights. It was an awesome trip. It was my best trip so far. Not much shopping which I'm lovin' but somehow the scenery makes me feels calm and comfortable. I don't wana talk so much about my trip as it was not too much to described. Picture would have say it all and the mountain climbing of Arthur's seat was awesome. The view at the peak was a great satisfaction, just like a king have his land conquer!! Happy viewing pictures!

The place where I live for 2 nights! Everywhere is donkey in the building. So cute and entertaining~

The Scottish kilt. It is their tradition for men to wear kilt. Do not shock when you see them walking on the street just like that.

Inspiration of how Harry Potter, Hogwarts school should be.
Place where J.K. Rowlings stays.

Cafe that J.K. Rowling get her inspiration from and also start writing her first Harry Potter book.

Bobby. The dog that had survived for 16 years if I'm not mistaken. Loyal to his master as always even he passed away. He visited his graveyard every day. What a loyal friend of human. That is why bobby is so famous and even his master.

Day that I conquer the Arthur's seat.

Pleasant and attractive view isn't it?

Some of my shots when I was at Edinburgh. I am so mad happy there. Look at the picture and you will know.


garrylin said…
Nice!!! It's like i'm going there.. hhahaha... BUT Pei~ Please add more description for your pics.. there's one pic which i tot i was in Greece or Thesaloniki looking at Parthenon or Ruined temple of Athena.. hahaha... What is that actually?

Please remember to brig me some souvenir.. can be a stone from the site.. ahahaha... i hope i can go there one day.. these are great architecture!!!

The city filled with donkeys? are they real? how come no pics? Hehehe...
-pEi- said…
for the very first time u wish for more description of picture

i dont know actually which picture u r mentioning
do u mean the one that looks like athens structure?

nah...not the city but the hostel that I am staying..
just an icon of their hostel maybe
cute and adorable, the character in shrek.....err can't remember

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