Snowdonia and North Wales

Just finish my second module last Friday and I had continuous trip to go. I am so happy finally I can start visiting again because since last month visit to Manchester I never get to travel around and look at the other side of England.

It was a bright shiny day when I depart from my accommodation, Atlantic point but somehow the worst happens when we reach Snowdonia. Pictures that I had taken along the way. The journey to Snowdonia takes about 3 hours.

It's raining. Not a heavy one but enough to make you real wet and sick. The small rain drop but big wind makes you can't make another step ahead with your umbrella if your are taking one that time. So we had to stay back and not climbing Snowdonia. We can't climb up with our umbrella unless you have a rain coat that could protect and cover yourself. My friend who did went up, end up come down like someone just finish bath and it's all wet.

After one and a half hour, we head down to North Wales town. It is a very crowded town and you will never understand their road sign because they had other language besides english. Don't believe me? Let's scroll down........whoops! Not this, scroll further down.

....ahhha, this is the one I'm mentioning. Can you understand just by looking the upper slot sign and not reading the one below it? It's just like a sign language or ancient language! Whatever, but I had no idea how we gona pronounce it but who cares, they always translate every sign!

This is the first time in my life that I climb up a mountain. Not a very high one but very exciting. I am almost out of breath when I reach the peak. The scene and view was real astonishing and fascinating that worth everything to climb up there. I am speechless when I was up there. Everything looks so wonderful. Just like a great art work of an artist. Too bad my batt goes flat before I reach peak. But still manage to capture some great view even it is not that well captured.


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