Dorrington Garden

No matter where it is, sunset and sun rise is always the best view in my heart. I love the color when sun goes down and moon starts to rise. I love the feeling of seeing another start of night and would be another new beginning of the day.

A bunch of us finally reach Dorrington Garden to accomplish our mission to watch sunset after several days of delayed due to unpredictable weather. It is astonishing and makes me feel great. I hope my pictures do bring out how I feel that moment.


garrylin said…
Wooo... a lot of improvement!!! Love it!!! how did u tweak the pics? share ler... I love the colors!!!
-pEi- said…
thanks garry. feels good when u compliment on the picture

garry to be frank I take pics usually base on six sense and feeling. hahaahah =)

and if u r meaning settings I really don't remember even using manual settings. I just capture by keep adjusting the appeture and also ISO.

as for editing I just emphasize on the color and besides that everything is due to environment and place we went to take pics

will tell u more when we meet ya
garrylin said…
:) Yea.. from the bottom of my heart... it's reli nice! the colors.. especially... Keep it up!

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