Local food is a must try in the list when you come over to europe. Although there is nothing special with their food but you must also have a try how they originally taste like. Just like the previous food preview I had done for the traditional english breakfast and now I'm trying their main course. Not 3 main course but only main meal.

Most of their restaurant comes along with bar and pubs, so do used to this.

It is a big portion ok. Do not just judge this plate of thing by its look. It can fill up one and half normal tummy. The fish was really large that my friend can't finish it and still need me to help out and clean up the plate. My skrewed chicken
I guess that's the name of it. Not a big portion when it was served but it was really filling when you start eating from one to another spoon of it.
Lastly, a picture of me enjoying fantastic food. Greedy me~


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