Soul Nation brand new design

This is the real image of the t-shirt. This is for male. Male is blue printed. It comes in S, M & L size. Do ask if you have any enquiries. Soul Nation will be there to answer you and give you any assistance.
This is for female. Much cuter of course. Not for male but if male out there you like pink printed and you are smaller type and skinny size maybe you can try have one but do not blame if you can't fit in. But getting both of them, the blue and pink printed will make your collection complete don't you think so? You might as well get it as couple tee. give your partner a surprise gift. She/He might be enlighten by your little gift~

Every single detail was designed specially to fulfill customer needs. Packaging is what Soul Nation take consideration into. You will never get such outstanding packaging outside anywhere.

Interested? Attractive? This is Soul Nation brand new tee and this is fascinating and have limited pieces. Do make your order if you like it. Every design comes in 3 sizes for male and female. They have more fascinating tee in their blog. Do click into Soul Nation or link on my blog and have a peep on more designs every month!!! Kudos~~~


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