Food is something that most of us could not resist. Talking about Japanese food, it may not be a favourite to all. However, Shabu Shabu is one which I can say most would preferred under Japanese cuisine. Shabu-shabu is a Japanese dish featuring thinly sliced beef boiled in water. The term is an onomatopœia, derived from the sound emitted when the ingredients are stirred in the cooking pot. As time goes by and mixture of different country culture, this concept had been added a pinch of fusion. It doesn't only restricted to only beef anymore. It is something similar which we all know, steamboat!

What are the specialities of this place to grab the crowd? Put aside their spacious hall as a topic, they main attraction to me would definitely be their VIP room or may they called it private room. It is for privacy purposes when you wanted some privacy and some private functions which you do not want any other interruption or distraction. That's one point added to the score for that concerns by the owner to their customers where other restaurants are not providing yet.

Spacious & classy environment. Most important of all comfortable space that makes you feels like home while enjoying your meal.

They have their own sauce bar where you can take all-you-can sauce according to your preference. Having different taste bud is something personal to everyone and shall not be judge because not everyone loves or like the same taste. It is all up to your tongue to make the judge. The sauce bar definitely is an added point for this restaurant. I would say additional two points added. Chili, ginger and garlic. Light or dark soy sauce. Sesame oil, chili oil and any other sauce which you would prefer are all available for you to make that choice. 

It is incomplete for the above if there's no review about their menu ain't it? There's 2 main category in the menu. Ala-carte and set menu. Ala-carte is definitely single items ordered according to your preferences. From various selections of vegetables and balls, to a few common meat choice. 

As for set, they have a few choices which I personally think it may help you on your selection. Sets comes with a plate of meat, a bowl of assorted veges with balls, rice or noodle and of course soup base of your choice. They have up to 7 or 8 soup base selection. A few of them which I could recall are, chicken ginseng, red tom yam, white tom yam, vegetarian, corn soup 7 milk. There's a few more which I could not remember. This is how it looks like for a set menu. 

Overall, I enjoyed the food the ambiance but not really their drinks. That doesn't mean that served awful drinks BUT they had less selection on beverage which I think it would be a minus for them. If they can add in more varieties it would be great. I will definitely return for second time because it gave me satisfaction of money wise spending. Before ending it, did I not mention where they located? It is located at Permaisuri Imperial City Mall, just right beside Sajian Warisan Restaurant.


Anonymous said…
Nice article, but can you tell me whether they serve vegetarian menu? I know you mentioned about vegetarian soup, how about the food?
-pEi- said…
they do have vegeterian set too.

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