Tree Planting Ceremony In Conjunction with Borneo Jazz Festival, 2014

It was the first thing on the schedule that the committee had planned before the real event begins. I personally think it was a great effort made because we are contributing back to the mother nature for whatever causes that we had done. 

The event was held at Tenby International School, Miri with attendance of the local and foreign media and not forgetting a few performers that were in time to get up the ride that had been provided. 

Before the official tree planting started, never forget from the usual routine, a speech from the host who were generous to be part of this meaningful event. A big gratitude to the principal, Mr Philip Brisley to be part of the ceremony. Nevertheless, Dato' Rashid Khan, CEO of Sarawak Tourism Board gave his speech about the intention behind this ceremony and I remembered well that he said, "It is an intention to contribute to our mother nature for the damages that we may not know that we had done. It is also to educate the younger generations about the importance of the nature." It was definitely straight at the point that it was true and youngster nowadays tend to forget and incautious about this fact. 

Followed by the speech was the souvenir presentation as a token of appreciation to Tenby International School from Sarawak Tourism Board, represent by Dato' Rashid Khan.

Just when I thought I am going to cover myself with soils and much sunlight, to my surprise, one of the group of performers was going to have a short performance just before we got tanned with much vitamin D! They blew me off once they opened their mouth. How can human throat produce such an amazing and soothing sound? Most of all, from an all male group!

Their short performances got my soul attached which I nearly forget that we have something more important in the list to be done. We then head out to the hall with some real business to be done. A group photo before everyone gets their hand down to the land.

By surprised again, the media (us) were told that we can have our own tree planted in the compound. What a gift and I told them I'm gona be back to see it in twenty years to see how well it grows. 

It was a great experienced since it was the first tree-planting ceremony that I had ever attended. What am I more excited of? The welcoming dinner where we will be meeting most of the performers and welcoming them in the most Borneo way. Stay tuned for more post!!~


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