There are many definitions for the word long. Some people taught it was a difference in length and some people use to take it as a comparison and for WOMEN we take it as a beauty, awesome-ness and also thing that make us pretty. Why am I saying so? Let me show you how true my word was.

1. Hair extension
Girls and ladies nowadays wishes to have long beauty hair or thick and long straight hair but somehow due to physical and genetic problem some just rarely can get nice long hair therefore hair extension comes to life.

They can get it done at the salon when ever they wanted to. The process might take up quite a while but it’s all worth it when you see the outcome. Nowadays there is something simpler which a clip is attached and u can just clip on and get a long hair in just seconds.

2. Fake eyelashes
We all know that fake eyelash is a women savior. People just love it when it is invented. It makes a woman looks different before and after the fake eyelashes was attached to their eye. It was a miracle invention for us, ladies. Both men and women love it because women get pretty with it and guy gets to see pretty girls out of it. Hahahhahahhaha


I find above statement really true as it totally applies to me too. I am loving longer things too. Do not believe my words? Let me prove it to you how true my word was.

I just love long pants and also long sleeves shirt. They just look better on me then t-shirt and short pants. Not only that, it can cover a lot of flaws of mine. Looks good and at the same time not exposing your flaws, something really benefit isn’t it?

I love long hair too. I used to have long hair that I loved very much. Having long hair makes a guy attracted to you and this is also a benefit out of it. Having longer things really makes more beneficial to a person and that is WHY I LIKE IT LONGER!!

There is one product in the market which is newly launch that makes me attracted to it. It is LONGER than before. It looks prettier, slimmer and attractive than before. Some say, it had slim and compact body like a model look. Some say it is a need in life and what would you say about it? LG CHOCOLATE BL40 is the one.

Phone is not only a telecommunication devices nowadays. It is also an accessory that brings people in trend and ahead of fashion. I guess no one wants to get one big fat “big brother” phone nowadays. That is the symptom of being trendy and that is the reason WHY I LIKE IT LONGER.


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