Little Taiwan

Little Taiwan is said to be an imported food from Taiwan. I am not sure how true it is as I had never been there before. As I eat I think part of it are just the same as Malaysia and some are mixture of different countries and some might be origin from their own.

Tang Tang Noodle
My friend did not really enjoy this because she said it was not really good. She don't like to much of bean sprout inside. The noodles was alright only but the meat balls were great. Big and very QQ.
Claypot Lao Shu Fen
This is one of the famous food we used to have locally. From the eater itself it says that there is somewhere better than this. But somehow this was not bad too. Just that it doesn't taste extraordinary and doesn't have those burning taste.
Vegetarian Siew Ngo Set
My choice, I had picked something light. A vegetarian is just a great one for the day. The "siew ngo" was not bad. Does not have much of meat taste but I think the overall outcome for me looks and taste great. As for the sides dishes I think it was alright except the soup. It was over salty and I believe lots of msg added.

Fried Chicken
Nothing much to complain of except it was too oily. Great chicken taste and crispy.


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