I know I had been neglect my blog for quite sometime but I can explain. I had been busy with exams which I really concentrate in because I really hope I can pass and grad this time round. Really hectic and frustrated when comes to exam. Really do not wish to step into the exam hall anymore.

Forget about the exams. I am happy about it because I had finish the final paper and get back to real business. We have mountain things to pack because we will be moving out and going back to Miri for good. As you know girls have damn lots of things and damn lots of cloths.

Let me show you the picture of this packing process BUT beware it is a very messy condition that you wouldn't imagine this will a girl style packing.

All those in red square label is all me and my sis luggage that we have to bring back. Can anyone tell me how can I fit in all this thing into 40kg weight limitation??? I am so so headache now. Limited space and yet tonnes of stuff.

Alright that's all for now will be uploading more pictures soon on my coming gathering and shopping spree and what I am getting for CNY. Happy reading everyone!!


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