Bodyguards and Assasins

This is was which I personally think the greatest movie of the year of 2009. I mean in their production. They had all the big star to makes this movie a great success. You can see all in once how they work together and their acting in one instead of separately. Hong Kong and China had a great in cooperation in making this movie a success.
Donny Yip, a very talented man which I am always impress on. A great character that he is working out in this movie. Not only showing his kung fu as usual but bringing out his other talent in various character.
Eric Tsang, Tony Leung, Nicholas Tsai, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai which had not been acting for quite long and lots more from China. They really did a very good job and this is another movie telling the past, how people had been sacrificing to get their freedom.
A very good storyline or I should say this is base on true story? I had no idea at all but somehow this is an action movie plus morale value teaching. Please do not miss out this great movie. I guaranteed you will like it but if you don't like chinese history and action movie, I guess this wouldn't be your choice then.


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