New Year Countdown to 2010

Finally 2009 had come to an end. Even there were many unhappy things happened in 2009 but that will be a pass but will always be a lesson to us. Welcoming 2010 is indeed a great event. Everyone was going crazy and madness. I went out with a bunch of friends to countdown at The Curve and had a movie after that.
Simply and yet pleasant activity. Not too over and yet enjoying ourselves. Lots of photo taken before we miss the last day of 2009.

Picture taking is a MUST routine.
Ladies of the nite
You can see how crowded it was.
pEi & yoke kuan
Those who know me well will know which shoes belongs to me?? Do you guess it right?
Group photo - sorry for the blurness
The Gents
Chow & pEi
A great buddy and we will always be
10....9.....8...7....6.....5...4....3.....2......................1...........HAPPY NEW YEAR
We welcome 2010 with great fireworks for around 15-20 minutes
What a fantastic view that were so so closed

Enjoy the video as my skill were still way to improve video


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