Can you guess where is this from the picture below? The view was great back not as good as sea view. A great hotel in Miri where you get to have all the fantastic view you can have.

Tadah~ This is how it looks like in the morning. Actually in looks much much more better than how my picture looks like. Poor photography skills....

Still unable to guess where am I? The guessing stops when you scroll down and see this.....yeah not others but PARK CITY EVERLY HOTEL. My first visit and stay over after a face lifting from Holiday Inn to Park City Everly.

Able to spot the promo price for this standard double room - hill view at RM88.88 but without breakfast . Spacious and comfy. Worth the price I would say. Normal facilities a hotel would have additionally you get to enjoy their extra facilities such as pool, gym, tennis court for daily activities.

Daily necessities that you will find in the bathroom. I know this wouldn't be anything extra for a hotel but I would just like to say they were so creative and going localize. They are using our local handicraft as a basket to store all the items. Just how great they ideas are to show foreigners our great handicraft. Even wall paints were all those artistic wooden craft.

Enough of room introduction let me bring you down to the nature. You will definitely love the mother nature. You are just so close that you would love to stay a little longer.

Pool that you get to cool in as Miri weather was definitely hot enough for you to enjoy the swim either early morning or hot sunny afternoon.

A great hotel I would recommend to tourist. Great view, great food and great entertainment all in one. However, this wouldn't be a great choice if your are under budget vacation. This is much more to entertainment and leisure.


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