NASI LEMAK 2.0 - Movie

I know this is so much delayed but late is better than nothing? I had no idea that namewee is going to produce his own movie until he is having his tour movie promo around Malaysia and he is coming to Miri as one of his station out of so many scheduled. It is a good thing to promote Miri too.

This movie have so many well known local famous artiste. From local Miss Malaysia to famous singer Reshmonu to local famous superstar Adibah Noor, everyone was a big blast. Nevertheless our local singer Karen Kong was the main actress of this local production movie.

For some that just watch may think this is a real comedy because it is just too funny. For some we really got the "tersirat" message, they will know what does this going to mean in depth. This movie just show the real Malaysia. Just like how Jack Neo put Singapore life into his production.

Way they speak, body gesture, attitude of them are just way of Malaysian. Not drama queen or king. Just truly Malaysian.

NameWee is just giving out message to show what Malaysian is actually thinking, acting and doing. He is hoping for some better changes, for some better future and of course better tomorrow for everyone.

No matter pessimistic or optimistic perception Malaysian towards this movie, personally I think it was great. One better local production if we just took out the quality issue of their story line and also way they film it. Still overall I love this movie much.


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