Sin Soon Chin Restaurant

This isn't new to everyone, a quite well known restaurant in town. Been ages since I last came around. Quite forgetting how they really taste. Missing much how it might taste and today I am going to make a short review about it.

Seafood Soup
A very normal dish you would find in a Chinese restaurant. The only different is taste of it and what do the chef add in to the soup. This is little different because we refuse to have egg in the soup which makes a little different but still taste good.

Sweet & Sour Fish
Love the fish not because it is nice. The most important fact for ME to have a good fresh fish is without the sand taste. You know how some fish that they locally breed. You can smell the sand before they were put into your mouth. That's a total fail of it. This was nice and well done.

Deep Fried Pork Ribs
I always love crispy at the outside and soft in the inside and you really have no idea how did they do it? High temperature and deep fried? However they do it, it is an awesome pick. Just that its is a little too salty. Good to be with big bowl of plain white rice.

Veggie Mix Mushroom
This is special and one of my favorite pick. Normal menu we see is broccoli with mushroom and this is mix mushroom and abalone. Tasty to the max and I think the combination was great. Will try to cook it one day myself and be the chef I'm proud of...hahahaha
Nice food overall. Too salty for some of it but still I think they can improve. I love the way the seasoning mixture. Not too over and just great.


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