Busy weekend

I had a very busy weekend but indeed I feel so happy and enjoying it.
On Saturday morning, I went for a photoshoot with bunch of great photographers.
Even the sun is so bright that make us sweat lot but we are having great time with it.
(cross finger) hoping the outcome of the photography would be great.
I really can't wait and hope I don't disappoint them.

At night we had another photography outings organise by eddie. Due to the 60 minutes event we planned to shoot nice view where all trhe lights of but too bad Miri makes us little disappointed. What to do?? Nevermind, we still have pictures that I might post up soon.

On Sunday morning, of course we went for earlier 'qi ming'. I woke up at 5am in the morinng so that we won't had a traffic jam and people jam because these days sure have lots of people. All the activities and pictures will post in details soon. Awaits and keep reading~!


i e R said…
earth hour, 60 minute... 60 hours is like 3 days >.<
garrylin said…
Have no worries my friend... the outcome is reli nice!!! Hahaha.. u're named Fallen Angel... :) U must let me photoshoot u the next time we gather... wah lao... reli nice!~
allow me to photograph u also, next time, in miri.
-pEi- said…

i was with u all the time during cny but i am not the photogenic style leh

sure..i will be at kl soon

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