Ying Ker Lou

Are you Hakka? Then you must try the food in Ying Ker Lou. You can never imagine how origin is the food here (some I mean). Of course, non Hakka who loves Hakka tradition food can also came over to this restaurant situated at THE Curve.

This picture is taken not because of the light but all the tea pots behind which really tempting. Want to have a close look? Feel free and click oon the picture for larger image.

One thing you can never aspect is all of their food is NO MSG! I repeat NO NO MSG! Want me to repeat for the third time....I think this is not necessary as I think my English is understandable and CLEAR! hahahaha

GUESS what is this? Any idea???? It's toothpick in it... Don't believe?? Go over and have a look yourself lo......
Nice cute tea pot

Hakka stir fried eggplant, green bean and bittergourd
Hakka STF beancurd
Fried egg with raddish and sausage
Slice Belly Pork
Pandan Layer Cake
Birthday Boy
The bill RM 113.85.....It's miracle!!!! Same amount that he paid same as his date of birth!! AMAZING isn't it???
This dinner is to celebrate the birthday boy birthday lo. But I think the food is more attractive than his birthday. So, hehehehehe.....


lasapka said…
those dishes can easily cook at home ley...
-pEi- said…
so lasapka also hakka??
hehe....because the birthday boy is haka people, maybe he misses home much so decided to go over there...

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