This post is a little overdue then its origin date. Anyway, I still manage to post it. Last Wednesday, I went out with pink (bibu bibu) and his sister and also cynthina with her two brothers for a movie.

LOVE MATERS is another movie from Singapore and it is another production of Jack Neo. In my opinion, Jack Neo had always produce great movie which never let me down. So, I am expect something more in this movie. His production of Money Not Enough 1, Money Not Enough 2, I am Not Stupid 1 & 2. All of these are great movies which reflects reality of life. Same goes tot his movie.

This movie is about a family, parents and their children. We know that to manage a family nowadays is not easy, does the children know? Your husband knows? Being a lady, a wife and a mother is not that easy as u see and thought. Everything had been clearly shown in here.

For me, this is something so so real and I believe happen in most of the family in Malaysia. There is one sentence in the movie which I think is so true. 没有性就没有爱吗???

Overall, I think the movie is quite nice. Would encourage people to watch but remember it is 18PL!!! Teenagers if you want to watch please beware ya!!!! hehehehe =)


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