I am back to KL yesterday. I am taking MAS this time instead of AA. This is the first time I step my foot on MAS flight to KL but I had been flying unlimited times to Kuching when AA still could not be see no where. I can't even remember when is the last time I took it.

Let me say something I experienced from MAS for this 2 hour long journey.

MAS juice
I can never forget this. It will always be served to the passengers after not long the flight fly.
My watch shows it is 12.35pm.
About one hour of flying, lunch is ready to serve.
It is indeed a right timing to serve the food.
You will find out that, time passed faster when you are in there.
My Lunch
RIGHT : bread, grapes, plain water, cookies and butter
The rice and chicken taste not bad but if it's a little bit more hot would be better....

I always find it nice to see the small butter. But last time they have butter and jam together.

To be true, I find it quite nice to travel with MAS in this journey. I know this kind of comparison is not quite good but we are consumers.
Don't you agree with those 2 phrases above? But of course price, place, preferences is definitely another concern too. After all, different people, different preferences.


MAS will always be nicer than AA... I got really sick with AA already...
-pEi- said…
but sometimes when there is big difference in price, AA still the first choice of mine...
i e R said…
the one thing that shows the big diff is the peace of mind. AA however are using the newer aircraft compare to mas at least 20 year old plane (mostly are 40yo)... the vibrating, shaking and the chair (yucky!) compare to airasia... i dont know what others think, usually, i'll sit far behind, and after AA's girls sell thier/the stuff (thier job) i'll talk to them, chat, sometimes, they even give me FREE coffee coz being friendly :)
Soul Hart said…
Hi there! My personal opinion is that MAS and AA are in different league. You can't actually compare apple with orange. AA is a no frill airliner. Anyway, AA airbus A320 is newer and definitely faster than MAS old faithful Boeing 737... *wink*

I'll be flying again to KL next month with AA and it only cost me RM360 for air tickets and hotel! Imagine that! cheap skate me.. haha
-pEi- said…
ieR, definitely both have their own selling point to attract their customers that is why consumers will et the advantage when there is competitors. For me price is always the first consideration.

SOUL HART, ya AA can go far more cheaper than MAS. This is something which I can't deny in real. They are geeting better.

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