YES!! It's back!

YES is back!!
Finally YES!!!!!!!!!!!
This is what Malaysians are looking for every year end. YES!!!
It is always pros and cons for this for every party.
There are people who loves it so much and some people are just being insane because of it.
Still don't know what am I talking about???
Shopping spree is back everyone.
YES = Year End Sales
It's time to shop ladies. Malls are getting ready for you to crash in their mall and conquer it. Be prepare of your cash and bring over the man to help you carry your stuff.
YES officially starts at 21st November 2009 till 3rd January 2010.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab something that you need before it ends and not to forget spend wisely during this bad economic time.......YES spree everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lasapka said…
yeah yo buy n buy, hamtam nia, credit card lut kao kao ki
-pEi- said…
aiyo lasapka..i dun have credit card la
how to lut kao kao leh
tang zhe bankrupt ki lo

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