Paddington House of Pancakes

Do you know that even pancakes can be a main course instead of just a breakfast or starter? Even a pancake can be very healthy food. If you did watch 8TV ho chiak you will know better. They did went to this restaurant and intro about it. Yes, that's Paddington House of Pancakes.

You will in love with all their food when you look into their menu. It was so tempting that you don't even know which one to choose. I had a chance to dine in that day and there's some photo taken. Don't really remember their name as it was so french.

Even desserts have pancakes in it. Ice-cream with mini pancakes and peanuts. That was so so nice and great.
It was an enjoyable and pleasant meal. The food looks tempting? Go over to 1 Utama , Rainforest and you will get to enjoy this and satisfy your taste bud.


Uncle Lee said…
Hello Pei, the food certainly looks delicious.
I love pancakes too....and that egg and red beans look really nice.
You have a great weekend and keep a song in your heart, Lee.
-pEi- said…
hello uncle lee,
thanks for dropping by here
was so surprised u was here
ya those pancakes were delicious
if u were around at KL, do tried it out
I guess u gona like it.
have a nice day to u too!!

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