Finally I made it to this. I had watched one of the movie that I had wanted for so long since I saw the preview. This is one of the great movie of all and I guess for me this is one of the best movie of the year. It really touches people heart and also lesson learned from it.

Some people might have good and bad comments on it but whatever it is it will never affect my judgement on it. Personally this is a great movie after "The Day After Tomorrow" , for those who knows and watched it. They are similar but yet still some difference and they had ONE thing in common is telling human that the world is so sick and dying soon.

Personally, I think this movie had more effects and technology involvement than the previous one. The impact is bigger than the previous one too. It was indeed so deep in heart every scene after watching it and it really makes me feel bad. There's one this quote that I really love,

"Human lost its humanity when human starts to fight
among each other! "

I totally agreed with this and human is a civilisation and civilisation comes
from team work. How great the word are. People out there had you feel it? Had
you start doing your part to heal the world as what MJ had written in his song?
Think and start doing before everything is too late. Even just a small part will
mean and helps a lot!!


lasapka said…
remember to hamtam 2012 toto magnum this week.
-pEi- said…

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