I am OLD

I shall really admit that age really limits certain activities and bring some limitations. I am calling myself old when I realise that I have a body that act like 40.
Went for a badminton session yesterday with bunch of colleague. Sports is good but somehow I had not been doing exercise for years. And I really mean years since I graduate from high school and stop from my high jump sports. That was like around 5 years back and that's really long ago!!!!!
It was a great activity thou but somehow it was tiring for me after a few rounds. I had continuously playing for an hour and I'm gasping for air like a hungry tiger hunting for it's predators. I am really out of air and adding that I am running like some mad dog chasing me. I guess I really gona speed up.
After one and a half hour I had to call it stop. I'm tired like I had been walking up a 24 storey building by stairs instead of taking the lift. I shall admit that I had damn bad stamina. I guess I need to go for more minor exercise instead of tiring one.
Wake up this morning and having lots of ache around. Backache, hand and leg muscle pain and even my ass is feeling the pain. What the he*ll. That is why I guess I am getting old and I can't it even with my age. hahahahahah


lasapka said…
driving range is better for you
-pEi- said…
hhahahah ya absolutely

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