I had been awaiting for this to be shown in the cinema for so so long after I knew about it. People had been talking and discussing about it. For me, this would be a great movie even though it was not a real movie production but it was the only thing left in memorable of our King Of Pop, Michael Jackson!

A few scene that you could see in the movie. Sorry for the blur picture.

This is some of the picture clearly taken from an email a friend send to me. This is exactly what you will see in the movie itself.

Michael is working very hard for his final stage performance. You would see something that you wouldn't see in real life. You will see how serious he is in his career and job. You will never imagine how hardworking he is and seriousness in every little detail.

He seek for perfection for his audience. No matter from stage decoration, trailer for his every song background, vocalist that gona sing with him or even his dancer. He goes on every detail himself. He chooses his own dancer himself among the millions youngsters that came to audition. He always knew that the new generation needed to be given chances and explore.

He listens to every detail of his band performers. Every single note, every bass and every key of the guitar he wanted for no flaws!! He want the best among the best last performance for his audience.

The choreographer is seeking for best of every steps in ever dance move. Director is working hard to work out speciality in MJ concert by having lots lots of MTV recording to show out in his song background. They had been doing really lots of work to impress everyone. He trusted everyone without hesitation. He treated everyone like family. He is nothing like what people saying bad about him at all.

You will gona love it if you like MJ, LOVE MJ! I was no MJ fans but somehow I always respected him. Seeing that movie was really touching and I saw all his passion in his job and world and everyone!!

Watch it before it is too late. It will last for only 2 weeks. Where else will you find something so real of him? Only at Michael Jackson, THIS IS IT!!!


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